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45 Gallon Drums mitigate COVID impact with new diversification

9 October 2020

The team behind had, like most businesses, been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic, experiencing a 70 per cent loss of trade during the initial UK lockdown as demand for storage drums and storage solutions fell.

Thinking outside the box, however, the team was able to unexpectedly enter Britain's barbecue scene, turning its inventory into four brand new, all-in-one upright barbecue drums which double as smokers.

The new 45-gallon ‘BBQ-in-a-Box’ includes three cooking utensils (complete with an integrated tool holder), coal basket, an adjustable cooking grill, chimney starter, and all barbecue essentials.

Nathan Pearson, co-owner of 45 Gallon Drums, said: “Even before Covid-19, barbecues were a massive part of our lives; each Friday, we’d make the time to light a barbecue in the yard to feed the team.

"Myself and co-owner Dean [Fox] were already actively involved in the local community, hosting monthly barbecues for local children and families who volunteered their time for good cause projects such as clean-ups of wildlife areas.

"Like many businesses in the UK, we’ve faced daunting new challenges this year, but our love for the outdoor cooking scene has provided us with a brand new opportunity to grow and develop in a way that we now see as a very natural progression of our business.

"It’s one that we may not have noticed without the pandemic.”

Co-owner Dean Fox said: “It’s a very real, and very frightening fact that Covid-19 could have spelt the end of the road for us, and we know that many other small businesses in the UK are facing the same sort of challenges right now.

“While there is certainly a great deal of uncertainty, we want to speak out and tell these organisations that it really is possible to come out of this stronger on the other side with the right growth strategy.

"This is all still new to us, but we’re excited for the future, especially as we’re currently in talks with a very well known craft brewery to create custom barbecues – watch this space!”