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BCC Coronavirus Business Impact Tracker

8 April 2020

Results from the BCC’s first Coronavirus Business Impact Tracker paints a concerning, if unsurprising, picture for business communities affected by Coronavirus.

- Sharp and significant fall in domestic and overseas revenue for UK businesses

- The majority of firms (62 per cent) have three months’ cash in reserve or less

- Almost half of respondents (44 per cent) expect to furlough at least 50% of workforce in the next week.

The BCC’s new tracker will serve as a barometer of business’ response to the government’s measures and changes to business’ working practices over the next few months. It will also track how quickly new government interventions, introduced to deal with the real-world impact of this crisis, are getting to the businesses at the front line.

The first set of polling was conducted from 25-27 March with responses from over 600 businesses. It revealed that a majority of firms reported a significant decrease in their revenue from both the UK and overseas.

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