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BrewDog announce plans for Chester bar

22 February 2021

James Watt, one of BrewDog's co-founders, has tweeted announcing a series of locations being considered for new bars.

The tweet, which primarily concerns a mock-up of a new bar in Atlanta, also states:

"This is one of 42 new @BrewDog locations we are working on!

Others include Belfast, London, Paris, Vegas, Bath, Exeter, Mumbai, Sydney, Amsterdam, Berlin, Frankfurt, Gurgaon, Lyon, Milan, Chester, Durham, Hyderabad & Cleveland."

The brewery first started in 2007, and opened its first bar in Aberdeen three years later. It has since launched dozens of bars worldwide, and in 2018 also established hotels situated near its breweries in Aberdeen and Columbus, Ohio. Plans for an additional hotel in Manchester are currently in the works.