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Chef's Table and Meltdown announce new collaboration

7 May 2021

Celebrated Chester restaurant The Chef's Table confirmed last month that they were seeking new premises within Chester city centre, leaving many wondering what would happen to their current home on Music Hall Passage.

It has now been announced the existing premises will be the new venue for Melttown, a collaboration between The Chef's Table and Meltdown, the independent grilled cheese sandwich shop in Handbridge.

Per the Chef's Table instagram post:

"We have a great indie culture in Chester and the support businesses have shown one another over the past year inspired the possibility of bringing two indie minds together to create a new business.

"Say hello to @melttownchester, a new concept and collaborative partnership with the brilliant mind behind @meltdownchester. More details soon, but you can expect cheese, cocktails, toasties, decent tunes and a lot of fun.

"We hope to create a relaxed space where you can pop in for a quick lunch, or book for a laid-back dinner. The Toastie Queen is bringing her cult cheese culture to town and we are here for it."