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Cheshire & Warrington Recovery Grant launches next week

21 September 2020

The C&W Covid Recovery Grant, funded by the European Regional Development Fund, will support businesses across Cheshire & Warrington affected by COVID-19.  The grant is intended to help businesses develop new business models, develop new products and target new markets or customers.

The focus of this discretionary grant is to protect jobs within the sectors and businesses most impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cheshire & Warrington LEP have the following funding available for grants:

  • £175,000 for Visitor/ Tourism economy businesses, which equates to approximately 55 grants
  • £311,000 for the wider business economy, this equates to approximately 95 grants


  • The grants are intended to be used to pay for consultancy support across a wide range of specialisms, included but not limited to marketing, digital services, HR or legal services, strategic planning or product development.

    The first round of applications will open at noon at the 28th September 2020, but for more information please see the following link:

    Cheshire & Warrington Recovery Grant - Blue Orchid

    Additionally, if you're a consultant or supplier who may be assisting businesses with activity covered by the grant, please note that an event is being held on the 25th of September to help familiarise you with the grant's requirements. For more information and to register, see below:

    Supplier event for Cheshire & Warrington Recovery Grant