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Chester named 'most beautiful city in the UK'

18 November 2021

Chester has been named "the most beautiful city in the UK" according to a new study.

In the study, analysts used the 'Golden Ratio' to determine the beauty of 2,400 buildings in the UK's cities.

The 'Golden Ratio', also known as 'The Divine Proportion', is a mathematical principal dating back to Ancient Greece.

The Golden Ratio is 1 to 1.618, and can be used to describe the proportions of many things in nature, from the tiniest of atoms to the largest galaxies.

Using the ratio, analysts gave each building a 'beauty score' which represents the average percentage match of a city’s buildings to the golden ratio. The higher the score, the closer a city’s buildings are on average to match the golden ratio.

Chester came out top, scoring a dizzying 83.7%, and holds the second highest scoring building in the study, Three Old Arches, which scored 99%.

St. Michael's Row was Chester 's second highest scoring building with 89.5%, followed by Chester Library with 83.9%.

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