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Clockwise Chester Update

27 January 2022

After the first phase lifting in October last year, the second phase will see St. Martins Way reopened for southbound traffic on 20 February. This will be followed by a third and final phase commencing on 27 February when traffic around the amphitheatre from Love Street to Pepper Street will at first be open with one lane for westbound traffic only, and then a week later revert to two-way traffic on 6 March.

Following the completion of the tunnel works along the inner ring road, and first phase of reverting Nicholas Street to two-way traffic in October, plus the reopening of Nuns Road in December; the second and third phases of lifting the Clockwise diversions have been designed to allow traffic to safely return to normal after over twelve months of diversions. 

Drivers will need to take extra care during this process to become familiar with the changes. This is especially critical for the stretch around the amphitheatre where traffic has been flowing one-way in both lanes westbound. 

To help ensure drivers are aware of these changes additional signs and lane markings will be installed as part of the process, and a 20mph speed limit will remain in force.

The Clockwise diversions were established in November 2020 to enable the construction of a new surface water drain under the historic city and the Northgate development construction, the biggest infrastructure projects in Chester since the inner ring-road was built over 50 years ago, with eight tunnel shafts dug along the drain route, each over seven metres wide and up to twelve metres deep.

The one-kilometre long surface water drain has been a vital environmental investment to remove surface water from the city and reduce the need for untreated sewage discharges into the River Dee, due to heavy rainfall when the network is already at capacity, as well as providing additional drainage capacity for further city centre developments in the future.

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