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Connecting Cheshire offering free Digital Marketing and Content Creation workshops

24 February 2021

This Digital Marketing and Content Creation Masterclass will include interactive sessions on:
Social Media.
Competitor Analysis.
Content Creation.
Organic SEO. 
Email Marketing.

Furthermore, beneficiaries will also be provided with a detailed Competitor Analysis Report providing observations and recommendations related to their website, comparing their competitors online, looking at organic traffic, social media and PPC.

Beneficiaries will gain knowledge on strategy, insight, information on techniques and software, as well as giving them the opportunity to ask their own questions through interactive sessions. Designed around smaller groups, allowing greater focus on the subject and the attendees, these sessions also include multiple speakers brought together as experts in their field to share their knowledge with them.

There are three workshops in total, each with the same content, but each workshop is split into two sessions for maximum flexibility. Here is a full list of all the workshop and sessions:

Workshop 1, Session 1: 10th March, 9am - 1pm
Workshop 1, Session 2: 12th March, 9am - 1pm

Workshop 2, Session 1: 16th March, 9am - 1pm
Workshop 2, Session 2: 18th March, 9am - 1pm

Workshop 3, Session 1: 23rd March, 9am - 1pm
Workshop 3, Session 2: 25th March, 9am - 1pm

If you'd like to register, please contact James Rowley, Digital Cheshire Business Connector.