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Covid-19 mental health and wellbeing seminars to support your small business

9 February 2021

Covid-19 mental health and wellbeing seminars to support your small business.

Winsford-based Tiger Trailers is one of Europe's leading trailer and rigid bodywork manufacturers producing products for a wide range of household names from B&M and Hovis to Morrisons and Royal Mail. Their ethos is to provide customers with innovative design solutions, outstanding build quality and a collaborative, personal service.

Their HR Officer, Health & Safety Manager and PR Executive attended ‘Understanding the importance of mental health and wellbeing at work’ the first in a series of Covid-19 mental health and wellbeing seminars to support small business.

Tiger Trailers attended the seminar as a core objective across their HR and communications teams for 2021 is to implement relevant and effective mental health and wellbeing support. The webinar was identified as an excellent resource for confirming existing understandings and aims, while gaining additional information and guidance.

Asked what stood out from the webinar, Oliver Hammond from Tiger Trailers said: It’s hard to choose one, as the webinar included so many great takeaways, but particularly useful was the reiteration of how important regular non-work chats with colleagues are in finding out how people really are, which can ultimately reduce presenteeism and enable anyone struggling with their mental health to continue working while obtaining support.”

What would be the one piece of piece of advice you’d give a fellow business owner? “Don’t assume that your existing employee support initiatives are necessarily enough, as there is always plenty to learn – which is what makes webinars like these so effective.”

What has business been like over during the pandemic? “The lockdowns themselves have firstly affected us in being unable to welcome visitors to our site for meetings and other purposes. Additionally, a large proportion of our office personnel have switched to working from home, and our sales team have only been able to make a relatively small number of customer support and prospecting visits.

“The pandemic has actually resulted in an orderbook increase because many of Tiger Trailers’ customers are in the essential supermarket retail and parcel delivery sectors. It has impacted our working environment, though, with the mandatory wearing of PPE, the closure of our canteen and the reduction in normal everyday contact between our team due to working from home and other schedule and physical adjustments to boost social distancing.