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Duo launch Wichcard with discounts to Northwich businesses

5 August 2020

An entrepreneurial duo have launched their own discount card offering those who sign up exclusive offers from Northwich businesses.

Ryan Williams and Dave Cross, who both live in Northwich, decided to set up their ‘Wichcard’ scheme during the coronavirus lockdown to encourage more people to venture into the town centre.

Throughout the pandemic, more people reverted to doing big shops at supermarkets rather than shopping with local businesses.

And this is something which both Ryan and Dave are hoping to change back thanks to their scheme.

“Wichcard is a membership card for the general public, and members can receive discounts from 56 local businesses at present which are based in or deliver to Northwich,” Ryan said.

“All offers are exclusive to Wichcard holders for the full 12 months, and they cannot get that discount any other way.

“The aim is to get people to start shopping locally again, as the pandemic kept people inside and going to bigger supermarkets.
“With this easing off a bit, we’re just trying to get people back out onto the high street, get a bit of a buzz back to the place and help out local businesses.”

Businesses that sign up are promoted in an A5 booklet sent to members, on the Wichcard social media channels and on its website.

“Members may buy the card for one or two offers, but they may be tempted by another offer, which will increase footfall and trade for other businesses in the town that have signed up,” Ryan added.

“I was involved in a similar idea at university for students.
“During lockdown we had time to research it more and see if it was something that would appeal to businesses and the public. Feedback was good, so we decided to launch.”

The card costs £40 for a full year, but sign up offers are run regularly throughout the year.

For more information or to sign up, visit: