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Getting Students Online

28 May 2020

13% of secondary school students in Cheshire and Warrington don’t have access to a computer or broadband connectivity. This means more than 1 in 10 are unable to participate in virtual schooling.  Research indicates that our young people will be impacted more greatly than many other groups and by the time many return to school in September may have lost the equivalent of a full years academic progress.

In response the LEP has launched #GetStudentsOnline, a campaign asking businesses in Cheshire and Warrington to help get as many of our students as possible online quickly, so they can access online schooling, summer-camps and all-class activities.  The LEP, along with local employers Storengy, Engie and AO, have kick-started the campaign by donating 138 kit bundles to schools across Cheshire and Warrington. The bundles comprise an entry level educational device and 3 months broadband access and cost £250.

If we can’t give all students the opportunity, businesses won’t get the skills they need in the future. Businesses can pledge money for a whole or part kit, multiple kit bundles, or provide brand new kit.

If you have a particular area or school you would like to support LEP will try to accommodate it, but The Pledge team will work with you to match you to a school. The school will have long-term ownership of the equipment and place it out on loan with those students who need it the most.

The life-long economic and social impact of reduced academic achievement and the positive mental health of our young people shouldn’t be underestimated.

To donate to the campaign please email The Pledge Team