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Hotpod Yoga

14 February 2022

The Penri Memorial Chapel opposite the bus station has been returned to community use with its transformation into a Hotpod Yoga studio.

Laira Marinho, originally from Brazil, moved to Chester after 17 years in London to follow her dream of running her own yoga studio. ” I have been practicing yoga for seven years now. I was in a broken place, having a hard time and I found it really helpful alongside the physical benefits. I got totally hooked and I loved the heat”. Classes take place inside an inflatable pod which covers the floor area of the sympathetically restored former Church which was founded back in 1893.

Hotpod Yoga is a franchised system which now exists in over 50 locations worldwide. The cocoon like pod inflates at a touch of a button and takes visitors away from the stresses of an increasingly chaotic world .Temperatures inside the pod reach 37 centigrade. “The heat gives you a deeper stretch and also plays with your senses as well, with the sweat, it makes you concentrate more. You have some aromatherapy, the lights are dim, you have the heat, its a contrast to the outside world. Its relaxing but energising at the same time, you come out feeling good.

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