News Article

HyNet North West

16 March 2022

HyNet are planning ahead to ensure that potential suppliers across the region, and beyond, are in the best possible position to maximise the opportunities HyNet will bring.

By starting engagement early, HyNet’s consortium partners would like to ensure organisations have an understanding of the project and the potential opportunities.

HyNet also hope to gain an awareness of the services and products available to partners.

HyNet will provide carbon capture and low carbon hydrogen technology and infrastructure to decarbonise energy intensive industries, quickly. In doing so, the project will create thousands of new roles whilst safeguarding existing jobs which may have otherwise have been lost through the rising costs of carbon emissions.

Developing a low carbon cluster across the North West and North East Wales will create learning, training and upskilling opportunities, supporting the levelling up of the region to thrive into a low carbon future.


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