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Invitation to Tender

22 October 2021

Invitation to Tender for the provision of support to develop the next phase of data and labour market intelligence in Cheshire and Warrington.

The LEP’s Employers’ Skills and Education Board (which includes the functions of a Skills Advisory Panel) has established a Data and Labour Market Intelligence Group that has been working over the last two years to develop data and labour market intelligence that can inform the delivery of the priorities for action of the Employers’ Skills and Education Board (the Pledge, Local Growth Fund investments and the Digital Skills Partnership) and the development of the curriculum offers across Cheshire and Warrington. The intelligence is also being used to inform the Jobs Portal (Cheshire & Warrington Opportunities), which in turn is providing some real-time labour market intelligence.

The Data and Labour Market Intelligence Group has a wide membership including representatives of all the local authorities, the further education colleges, the University of Chester and other training and education, the local deliverers of the National Career Service and the National Citizen Service and a number of local Housing Associations.

The data and labour market information reports produced to date have informed the production of the Cheshire and Warrington Skills Reportand the associated Action Plan.

The work programme will evolve in response to feedback from the Data and Labour Market Steering Group however, key areas for further investigation include a deeper understanding.

This work is being funded using Skills Advisory Panel funding and some funding from the Digital Skills Partnership. The work will need to draw on the analytical toolkit provided by the Department for Education’s Skills Advisory Panel team and ensure a strong digital focus for the data and labour market analysis.

 The deadline for submissions is Friday 5 November.

For more information and to apply visit: Cheshire and Warrington LEP