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Meet new Chester BID Chair, Katrina Kerr

29 August 2020

The Chester Blog have published an interview with Katrina Kerr, the previous CEO of Marketing Cheshire, who was appointed as the new Chair of Chester BID in July this year.

In it, she sets out the purpose of the BID, discusses the ongoing impact of COVID-19 on local businesses, and describes her vision of how Chester can continue to adapt to meet the offer of places like York - while also explaining some of the reasons why the comparison is unreasonable.

“I don’t like comparing to Chester to York as York is a lot bigger and a lot further away from other big cities. And from a tourism point of view they have a few trumps: They have a national museum – the National Railway Museum. They have a monumental Cathedral, they have a museum in their castle, a renovated art gallery and a fun Viking experience in Jorvik.

We too have our Cathedral, castle and our Deva Experience but to really supercharge tourism to York level we would need to be more ambitious. If we want a national museum in Chester, let’s go to London and see if anyone wants a regional outpost as has happened in York, Liverpool and Dundee! Let’s see if there’s any business to be done there, if not we should go with our own, a Roman centre or experience.

There’s things that York have that we could really work on. And people are working on them, lots of people."

To read the full interview, click here.

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