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New mental health and wellbeing seminars

24 March 2022

As a result of the positive feedback received last year, business leaders in Cheshire West and Chester are again being given the opportunity to improve their wellbeing and that of their employees by signing up for a new series of online webinars launched in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.
Wellbeing 4 Performance Limited has been re-commissioned by Cheshire West and Chester Council to provide local businesses with essential training which is designed to empower leaders with information and skills to help support and develop their workforce during these challenging times.  

This initiative is part of the activity the Council Leader’s Mental Health Champion Cllr Gareth Gould is working on. 

Councillor Gareth Gould, the Council Leader’s Mental Health Champion said: “Previous sessions have been well attended and appreciated so being able to continue this programme is very welcome.

“The adverse impact on people’s mental health from COVID can be one of the hidden challenges from the pandemic, and can be as damaging as the physical effects. I hope the new sessions will be as well attended, and provide business owners, managers and staff with worthwhile tools for the additional well-being support they need.”

Topics include Understanding the importance of mental health and wellbeing at work and Building toolkits for Mental Health and Wellbeing. The webinars will provide practical support on how to develop your mental health toolkit, strategies, and action plans and will also help business leaders explore ways to build a mentally healthy workplace and positive wellbeing culture. Each training session will be delivered by an experienced team that includes experts in health and wellbeing, occupational health, and human resources.

 Wellbeing 4 Performance Limited, Occupational Health and Wellbeing Specialist and Director, Julie Paterson comments;
“There was a growing awareness about the importance of mental health and wellbeing before the outbreak of Covid 19. However, overnight the uncertainty as a result of the pandemic and changes such as remote working, isolation, and anxiety around health and job security have had a significant impact on our mental health. Many lessons have been learned and we are better equipped to deal with these challenges than we were before. Leaders need to utilise these lessons and put plans into place to support the Mental Health and Wellbeing of their teams. This series of online webinars is a safe place where leaders can share local information, gain essential support and learn strategies to empower themselves and their employees to build resilience and adjust to the new world of work.”

You can sign up for the 5 sessions on offer starting on the 21st April 2022 here