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Praise for Less Common Metals following MP visit

23 April 2021

Less Common Metals (LCM) has been hailed for its hard work and dedication to the rare earth permanent magnet industry.

The town's MP Justin Madders recently met with director Ian Higgins and undertook a tour of LCM's North Road factory.

LCM specialises in products based on rare earth elements which are fundamental for future technologies such as electric vehicles and wind turbines, and has now been awarded funding on two occasions to carry out feasibility studies on rare earth supply chains and to consider the requirements of a magnet plant in the UK.

Rare earth-based permanent magnets are the most powerful magnets commercially available and find use in many key applications such as electric vehicles, wind power, low energy pumps and chemical couplings.

Mr Madders said: "I found the meeting very interesting, and it certainly raises some serious questions about the risks we face by having so much critical infrastructure in the hands of one country.

"We definitely need a strategy to avoid being beholden to one country for such an important set of products."

The funding has been guided through the Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC) as part of the Automotive Transformation Fund.

(via Chester Standard)