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Progroup's Ellesmere Port site celebrates workers' loyalty

17 December 2020

A total of nine people at the Ellesmere Port site of Progroup are being recognised for their years of service at the containerboard and corrugated sheetboard manufacturer, which operates across Europe.

At Ellesmere Port, where Progroup operates a corrugated sheetfeeder plant, the nine honoured were Stephen Archer, Lee Rivers, Jordan Tunstall, Tom Mcgill, Matthew Wiltcher, Chris Oakley, Paul Holland and Dariuz Mazur.

In total, Progroup is honouring 136 employees across different sites across Europe, collectively celebrating 1,980 years of professional experience.

The company's ceremonies that celebrate long-standing members of staff normally take place as part of traditional end-of-year celebrations at the company's sites in Germany, England, France, Italy, the Czech Republic and Poland, but these had to be cancelled this year due to COVID-19.

Maximilian Heindl, chief development officer and member of the board of Progroup, said: “The end-of-year celebrations at the various sites are very important to Progroup. They are a lovely and important tradition for honouring the commitment and dedication of our employees.

"This year the dynamic changes owing to Covid-19 meant that we reluctantly had to cancel them. We are fully aware of the burden that the virus is placing on our employees.

"We would have loved to offer you an appropriate end-of-year celebration to thank you for your outstanding dedication particularly during this challenging year."

Jürgen Heindl, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Progroup, added: “2020 has impressed upon us that our guiding motto ‘One Group. One Goal. One Team.’ is embraced by our employees not just in positive times.

"In particular during challenging phases, it becomes very clear how well we all work together as a team. Long-standing colleagues play a crucial part in this.

"We extend our sincere thanks to them for their loyal service and their contribution to our shared success. We are very proud and grateful for their loyalty."

(via Chester Standard)