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Protos chosen for £20m plastic recycling plant

22 October 2020

Specialist environmental firm Enviroo has sketched plans to build a plastic recycling facility at Peel L&P Environmental’s 133-acre energy hub near Ellesmere Port.

Under the proposals, out for consultation until 29 October, the facility would take PET (polyethylene terephthalate), the main material used for food and drinks packaging such as plastic bottles, and convert it into raw material for new food packaging, with zero waste, according to Enviroo.

The specialist PET recycler will use technology partners Erema and Sorema Technologies to sort and wash the waste and create recycled PET pellets can be used by packaging manufacturers to create new products.

Enviroo aims to invest £20m into the project and recycle some of the 4.9 million tonnes of plastic waste created in the UK. Enviroo intends to submit a planning application to Cheshire West & Chester Council later this year.

The facility is the next plot proposed for the UK Plastic Park being developed by Peel Environmental, part of developer Peel L&P. Earlier this year, the council approved a £7m facility to produce hydrogen from non-recyclable plastics, which is to be developed in partnership with energy provider Waste2Tricity on a 2.5-acre site at the Protos industrial site near Ellesmere Port.

Peel Environmental’s wider Plastic Park initiative entails developing up to six plastic recycling facilities across the country to reduce levels of plastic waste generated in the UK each year.

Jayne Hennessy, development manager at Peel L&P Environmental, described Enviroo’s scheme as an “important next step in the development of our Plastic Park concept at Protos, following planning permission being granted for the plastic to hydrogen facility earlier this year”.

She added: “The Plastic Park will be a UK first and offer a one-stop shop for plastic waste. We will be revealing more details of what else is planned for the Plastic Park soon.”

Ahmed Detta, chief executive and founder of Enviroo, said: “The UK produces over 13 billion plastic bottles a year but currently only recycles around 50% of them.

“This facility will take these bottles and create a new material that can be used to create new food-grade packaging products, reducing the need for virgin plastic and diverting waste from landfill.

“In the future, we are planning to introduce a deposit return scheme in nearby locations such as shopping centres and universities, where people can return their empty plastic bottles and possibly other products and receive cash rewards that they can either spend as they please or donate a to charitable cause.”