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RSK Group acquires three new companies

14 January 2021

Helsby-headquartered RSK Group has started the year by purchasing a trio of companies.

The first is Spanish radioactive waste management consultancy Amphos 21, which has also diversified to offer scientific and strategic environmental consulting in the nuclear, mining, water resources, sustainability and oil and gas sectors serving clients in over 20 countries.

"Bringing Amphos 21 into the RSK group extends our geographical reach to include 140 employees in Chile and Peru who are already supporting the mining sector and have recently expanded operations to support major infrastructure projects," said Nigel Board, Divisional Director and COO.

"We believe that RSK will be able to increase the services offered from these locations, thus enabling the growth and diversification of our business."

The second and third takeovers both come from the Pharos Group.

Pharos Generator Services – operating out of Cheshire and Bristol – specialises in the supply, installation, commissioning, repair and servicing of diesel backup and emergency power systems for clients including the Ministry of Defence, BT, the NHS, police forces, fire services, facilities management companies and businesses in the private sector.

Meawhile, Pharos FES in Leicester works in the specification and installation of standby power-generation plants.

"Pharos Generator Services and FES are actively exploring new clean-fuel technologies, and with support from the wider RSK group, will continue the expansion of their services to include renewable technologies and battery standby power," said George Tuckwell, director of RSK's geosciences and engineering division.

"This is a market that is expected to grow considerably as we move towards clean energy."

(via Insider Media)