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SMART Cheshire Digital Programme

6 April 2022

Experts at Manchester Metropolitan University are to support small and medium-sized businesses in Cheshire and Warrington to upskill and boost their digital products.

The Centre for Enterprise has refocused its current SMART Cheshire Innovation Programme to help tackle the digital skills gap and give SMEs the tools they need to grow their business.

The new SMART Cheshire Digital programme aims to boost more than 90 businesses in the Cheshire and Warrington area and support them in developing new digital products, processes or services or upgrade and digitalise existing ones. 

It is thought that the developments could create more than 35 new jobs.
Mandy Parkinson, Faculty Head of Business Engagement and Enterprise at Manchester Metropolitan University, said: “Digital skills are becoming more and more crucial to the success of any business, and it is important that small businesses can use the latest technology to grow their company.
“Many SMEs are behind in the adoption of digital assets but digitalisation is an important driver of productivity growth. Developing new tools or digitalising existing ones can bring many significant benefits to SMEs such as cutting costs, saving time and improve opportunities for innovation.”

The programme will act as a catalyst to support innovation and will offer technical support and one-to-one mentoring. SMEs will finish the programme with new tools and techniques that they can replicate across the business, new digital skills and insights and the launch of a new product or service.  
The original SMART Cheshire Innovation Programme has already helped more than 50 businesses in the area.

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