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Skills Bootcamps

24 May 2022

Skills bootcamps will support Cheshire and Warrington’s social and economic objectives of delivering a sustainable, healthy, inclusive and growing economy.  

What are skills bootcamps? 

Skills bootcamps are built around the needs of local employers’ and their supply chains. Key features of a skills bootcamp are they provide: 

- flexible training programmes of up to 16 weeks with a minimum of 60 guided learning hours 
- an opportunity to upskill staff and or fill job vacancies 
- level 3 – 5 training for medium to high level vacancies 
- guaranteed job interviews or offer of change in responsibilities 
- employers can be involved in the recruitment onto bootcamps, delivery of - training and offering interviews for vacancies 
- training for employees in the public, private and voluntary sectors 

Work with us to deliver skills bootcamps 

We now have 3 opportunities for training providers to work with us. The opportunities that are currently available to bid against are shown below: 

- SB Lot 1a: Logistics 
- SB Lot 1b: Green Skills 
- SB Lot 1c: Digital Marketing

All queries and applications to be submitted to: