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Study names Chester as fifth most popular 'staycation' spot

25 March 2021

Chester has been named the fifth most popular staycation spot in the UK in a recent study carried out by OnBuy.Com.

The research showed that Google searches for staycation locations have increased by 89 per cent since the announcement of the roadmap to lift the current lockdown restrictions, and over the last month Chester has been searched 21,690 times when people have been looking for the best place for a city break.

When linked to the city's population, this means a rate of 25 searches a month per 100 people, putting it in fifth place out of all UK cities.

York was the UK’s most searched location for a city break with 104 searches a month per 100 people.

A spokesperson for OnBuy said: "Famed for its cathedral and haunted streets, this north eastern city received a total of 168,980 Google inquiries into taking a trip, with 96,560 monthly searches for ‘hotels in York’.

"Ranking as the second most popular UK city for a holiday this year is Bath with 40 searches per 100 people, totalling 40,290 online searches a month – 76 per cent lower than York.

"Those looking to head to the home of the UK’s largest natural springs this summer are most interested in local activities, with 30,250 searches for ‘things to do in Bath.’

"Out of the 13,770 monthly Google inquiries into taking a trip to this Scottish city 51 per cent are looking into ‘things to do in Perth (7,070 searches).

"Following closely behind are Inverness (29 searches per 100 people), Chester (25 searches per 100 people) and Bangor (24 searches per 100 people) respectively ranking fourth, fifth and sixth."

(via CheshireLive)