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Study ranks Cheshire West and Chester one of the best areas to work from home

21 October 2020

Cheshire West and Chester is in the UK's top ten best places to work from home, according to a new study from, the comparison and switching service. The study placed the borough in sixth place behind Wigan, Derry City and Strabane, Mendip, Bath and North East Somerset, and top-ranked Harrogate.

Placings in Uswitch’s Remote Working Index are based on broadband speed, green spaces, air quality, crime rates, quality of schools, and GPs per 100,000 people - the metrics most often cited by people choosing a new place to live.

Although Cheshire West and Chester had the second lowest broadband speed in the top ten, it ranked highly in terms of green space with only three other areas out of the ten scoring higher.

Almost a fifth of people (17%) say they have already moved or want to relocate due to the benefits of working from home, and people generally want to move from cities and larger towns to smaller towns and villages.

One in four (23%) currently live in a city of more than 500,000 residents, but only one in nine (13%) wish to do so in the future.

Conversely, the proportion who live in a village is only 15%, but rises to three in ten (30%) who would like to do so.

Adelana Carty, broadband expert at, said: "The pandemic has turned our working routines upside down and given many of us a taste for what our lives could be like if we worked from home on a more permanent basis.

"Unsurprisingly, this has resulted in millions of people dreaming of ditching the rat race and moving away from the big city.

"Our Remote Working Index reveals some of the country’s best places to work remotely and Harrogate comes top thanks to its superfast broadband, huge amount of green spaces, good schools and great doctor numbers.

"With the likes of Derry and Wigan so high up the list, it shows how different our priorities are once we are liberated from having to worry about the length of our commute."

For more information, or to see how other areas fared, you can view the full Remote Working Index here.