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Walking and Cycling Schemes

16 May 2022

Multimillion-pound government investment will create new walking and cycling schemes across the North West to improve health and the environment.

Manchester and Liverpool will benefit from cleaner air and easier ways to travel and keep active with a £24.7m funding package, part of a wider £161m programme that involves the delivery of 134 first-rate schemes, such as new footways, cycle lanes and pedestrian crossings in 46 local authorities outside London.

This will be overseen by the Government’s new executive agency, Active Travel England, headed by Chris Boardman, the Wirral Olympic Gold Medallist cycling champion who was promoted to the role in January this year. In May last year he was appointed Greater Manchester’s first Transport Commissioner.

Among the local programmes are improvements to Alan Turing way in Manchester and traffic-free city centre streets, while Liverpool will get new junctions and pedestrian crossings, cycle routes and new ‘liveable neighbourhoods’ – high quality public spaces that prioritise people over cars.

The projects will create new routes and improve existing ones, making it easier and cheaper for people to choose active and green ways of getting around while better connecting communities.

In addition to the £161m for the 134 local authority schemes, 19 authorities – including in Liverpool, Manchester and Cheshire – will also receive a share of £1.5m for ‘mini-Holland’ feasibility studies, to assess how the areas could be as pedestrian and cycle-friendly as their Dutch city equivalents.

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