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Winsfords Technoprint steps up to keep medicine supplies flowing

23 April 2020

Independent companies are finding new and inventive ways to keep it business as usual during the Covid-19 outbreak.

As part of our Backing Local Business campaign, the Guardian is shining a spotlight on the firms that are innovating in the coronavirus crisis.

With the pandemic having a major effect on the pharmaceutical industry, Technoprint in Winsford is playing a key role in the supply chain.

The company makes information labels that go inside boxes of medication to explain to patients how to take it.

Overseas suppliers are commonplace in the industry, but the coronavirus is causing delays in logistics, which in turn presents the possibility of patients being deprived of time-sensitive medication.

Using a local supply chain during these times is a great solution to this problem – and that is where Technoprint has stepped up to the plate.

Alan Ryan, managing director, said: "Whilst we may not be on the frontline of this pandemic in the same way as the NHS, we feel a strong sense of civic duty here at Technoprint in current times and recognise that we form part of a vital supply chain into the pharmaceutical industry – a responsibility that we take very seriously indeed.

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