Recruiting Staff

If you are a new, young business taking on staff for the first time it can be a daunting thought.

However, recruit and retain the right people and your employees will be your greatest asset.

Before you start any recruitment process, be clear on your objectives on having staff, if you only have a short-term need for staff rather consider sourcing a freelance or consultant, a temp will work even better but consider all your options before seeking the best solution for your business.  When you have chosen the best option ensure that you have a detailed job description and specification which will make the recruitment process flow smoother.   

As an existing business finding the best possible people who can fit within your culture and contribute to your organization is a challenge and an opportunity.  Keeping the best people, once you find them, is easy if you do the right things right.  

When thinking about recruiting consider:

• Investing time in developing relationships with university placement offices, recruiters, and executive search firms.

• Investing time with local secondary schools and colleges as many young people may be considering apprenticeships (link to Apprenticeship  page); developing relationships with schools is also a great way of increasing awareness of your business and sector to the workforce of  tomorrow – be known as a great employer.

• Enable current staff members to actively participate in industry professional associations and conferences where they are likely to meet  candidates you may successfully woo.

• Watch the online job boards for potential candidates who may have CVs online even if they're not currently looking.

• Use professional association websites and magazines to advertise for professional staff.

• Use your own business website and social media channels to promote your opportunities.

• Look for potential employees on LinkedIn and in other social media outlets.

• Looking at in-house candidates first.  This can boost morale and make current staff feel their talents, capabilities and accomplishments  are appreciated.

• Asking existing staff if they can recommend any good candidates from their contacts.

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