Brexit and Business Resilience Project

Support to Businesses during the EU Exit Transition Project


Brexit: the challenges facing businesses

The last four years have been filled with Brexit uncertainty. There has been lots of dense and confusing information over that period, which has left businesses with many unanswered questions and therefore made it difficult for them to plan.  The UK is now officially out of the EU but Brexit still isn’t quite complete and businesses, particularly SMEs, are still struggling to navigate the new exporting and importing landscape.  

All this uncertainty led to businesses being less prepared than they’d have hoped as they couldn’t make concrete plans and the Covid pandemic has exacerbated the situation, as businesses have also had to try and plan around the uncertainties and challenges that the pandemic has brought.

According to the ONS bi-weekly business survey only around 1 in 10 manufacturers thought they were fully prepared back in mid-December 2020.  Most felt they were not fully aware of the forthcoming challenges.

Cheshire West & Chester Council's Fully Funded Support

In this ever-changing and challenging environment, it was important that CWaC develop their business support to help businesses address some of their Brexit challenges.  

With funding secured through the CWaC Brexit Officer Working Group the Business Growth Team procured TMC, Cheshire based multi-disciplinary strategic communications agency, and West Cheshire & North Wales Chamber of Commerce to support the delivery of a responsive programme which focused on business interventions, online collateral and support, delivery of events, and expanding our reach through advertising channels to educated businesses on our position to help and assist our local economic recovery.

As part of the Council’s wider work around good mental and physical health in the workplace, the online messaging also included useful help and guidance around this topic.

The initiative was structured to align with the objectives of the Brexit funding in both its readiness and assisting with the impact caused.  All activities delivered were aimed at Brexit preparation, knowledge, support, insight, and digital tips to give the CW business community the support to build resilience and ensure continuity.

Watch our Support to businesses during the EU exit transition video to learn more about this project and the businesses supported.

Business projects funded and delivered by Cheshire West and Chester Council are focused on supporting the development of our aim to build a strong local economy.  We work with businesses and partners to:

  • Work with businesses to develop and build stronger local supply chains
  • Work with growing businesses to source additional or expand their current premises
  • Create a consistent brand look and feel to the Let’s Talk Business profiles online, building depths of content and active social media content
  • Get local people into local jobs
  • Help businesses with their growth aspirations and help businesses to start
  • Gather insight and intelligence which can be used to inform the focus and targeting of future activities and engagement with the local business community
  • Raise the local business profile and celebrate the great things businesses are doing locally
  • Share good practice