Menopause ‘Why it Matters to you and your Business’

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Thursday 14 October 2021 -
Thursday 14 October 2021 -
09:30 - 11:00

Menopause ‘Why it Matters to you and your Business’


In recognition of World Menopause Day, Oct 18th 2021 West Cheshire and North Wales Chamber of Commerce are hosting an online event.

Regardless of gender this is your chance to understand why menopause is important, and why it should feature on your workplace agenda.

We are delighted to have June Potts from Menopause 360 supporting this session alongside Claire Brook, Employment Lawyer from Aaron and Partners. June will be joined by her husband Ian, together they will give a unique perspective on menopause. June has been helping organisations to get the menopause conversation started through training and support initiatives aimed at providing a menopause friendly place of work for the benefit of all employees. 

Why take part: 
• Inclusivity is featuring highly on many workplace agenda’s yet 90% of UK businesses fail to recognise menopause as a business problem. 
• Affecting 4.4 million working women, aged 50-64 (ONS, 2019).  Popular culture is changing the way the menopause is perceived. 
• The new emergence of focus towards women’s experiences of the menopause at work is being spoken in broadcast and print media, suggesting women are ready to talk about the menopause.  
And yet, there’s no legal requirement for organisations to have a menopause policy or to protect employees experiencing menopause symptoms. Nor is there legal protection for businesses that experience undue impact, because an employee's menopause symptoms are affecting their ability to work. Nonetheless, menopause has the potential to cause psychological distress, erratic behaviours, and sick leave, and is responsible for 1 million women leaving the workforce due to the impact on health and well-being . Menopause symptoms account for 14 million sickness days per annum.

As with all business change initiatives, creating a menopause friendly workplace requires commitment from senior leaders It is therefore imperative that menopause guidance and policy is addressed at the top, filtered down through education and awareness and embedded in the workplace culture.

To Book:  You will need to register here. It only takes a couple of minutes and you can then complete your booking or email: info@wcnwchamber.org.uk