Online accounting, Secure Transactions and Raising Finance Digitally

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Wednesday 19 January 2022 -
Wednesday 19 January 2022 -
09:00 -

Online accounting, Secure Transactions and Raising Finance Digitally


As we speed through the second half of the year, fast approaching is the Digital Cheshire programme, a huge and varied range of fully funded digital masterclasses to offer support to local businesses that wish to embrace new ways of working, reach out to new markets and drive digital efficiencies.

Seminar Overview:

Digitising your finances can have many business benefits, not least of all improvements in
cash flow. These masterclasses will introduce you to the software that can help you keep
track of the numbers.

Raising Finance for Your Business & Digital Accounting Software Options:

As many funders turn their services online gain an insight into the various forms of funding available to support the launch or growth of your business and understand the key requirements of successful funder approaches. And explore which accounting software may suit your business, allowing you to work anywhere whilst keeping your finger of your financial stats.

What Accounting Apps Could Help Transform Your Business Duration:

This is a run through of which Apps can hep you to run your business, keeping your transactions up to date, keep debtors low, keeping things simple – this will include options around invoicing, forecasting and payroll using Xero, QuickBooks, Sage, Expensify, Receipt Bank and others.

To book please complete an Expression Of Interest form to first check eligibility (due to ERDF funding regulations and rules).  Business can complete the EOI form on the website www.digital-cheshire.co.uk