Grants & Funding Sites to Explore

    There are number of funding and grant programmes and opportunities being delivered locally.  Some of these are listed below along with links to the programme delivery body to find out more and check if your business is eligible.

The Innovation Agency

The Innovation Agency is one of 15 AHSNs (Academic Health Science Networks) working together in the AHSN Network, the innovation arm of the NHS - transforming lives through healthcare innovation.

The Innovation Agency understands that taking a new idea to market is a challenge. They support and connect innovative businesses through a unique mix of people and programmes to accelerate sustainable economic growth.

They are catalysts for the spread of innovation at pace and scale, helping facilitate change across whole health and social care economies – to improve health, drive down the cost of care, and stimulate economic growth.


MSIF (Merseyside Special Investment Fund) provides a wide range of funding to businesses across the North West, predominantly in the Liverpool City Region and surrounding areas. Funding is available from as little as £500 right up to £2 million+ for a variety of business needs including start-ups, expansions, acquisitions and management buy outs/buy ins.

MSIF is a not-for-profit organisation; all returns on investment go back into the fund to be re-invested in local businesses.

Made Smarter

The newly-launched Made Smarter programme is designed to support manufacturers, engineers, makers and creators with facilities or operations in Cheshire, Cumbria, Lancashire, Greater Manchester and Liverpool City Region to grow through adoption of new technologies. 

Whether your business has started the journey to digital transformation, or it simply wants the impartial advice on how digital technology could help then it’s time to register with Made Smarter.

The Made Smarter pilot programme can support North West Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SME) across Cheshire & Warrington. To be classified as an SME, eligible businesses must have less than 250 employees and a turnover of less than £44m or a balance sheet total of less than £38.5m.


CITB (Construction Industry Training Board) is the industry training board for the UK construction industry.

CITB offer support to industry through grants and funds. CITB grants cover day to day training and funds cover specific projects and commissions.

Grants support employers who provide day to day training for their workforce and contribute to the cost of training and qualifying your workforce in construction-related subjects.

CITB provide funding for specific projects relating to careers, innovation and training. If you can provide CITB with a plan for your training needs, or you have an idea for a project to improve performance for your employees or the industry as a whole, CITB may be able to help.

Cheshire & Warrington Growth Hub Support Finder

The Cheshire & Warrington Growth Hub Support Finder can help you find local and national funding and grant opportunities for Cheshire West businesses. Business Finance Support

The website provides information on business loans, grants and funding.

British Business Bank

The British Business Bank is a Government-owned business development bank dedicated to making finance markets work better for smaller businesses.

Manufacturing Growth Fund

The Manufacturing Growth Fund’s purpose is to provide funding and impartial, expert advice to help you create growth. They offer grants towards the cost of bringing in specialist expertise for eligible projects. The key objectives of the fund are to drive job creation, the introduction and launch of new products and to improve productivity.

The Manufacturing Growth Fund supports small and medium sized manufacturers across the North West, covering Cheshire & Warrington, Cumbria, Greater Manchester, Lancashire and Liverpool City Region, and is delivered by The Growth Company.


Government Funding Programmes

Learn more about the Government funded programmes currently available.

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

Businesses across the UK are being invited to collaborate with an academic or research organisation and a graduate on a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP), a scheme that helps businesses to innovate and grow. Up to £40 million in total is available for part funding of KTPs that will offer businesses the opportunity to access new skills and the latest academic thinking to help them deliver a specific, strategic innovation project. KTPs can last between 12 and 36 months, depending on the project and the needs of the business.

Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme

Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme can be used by small businesses and the local communities surrounding them to contribute to the installation cost of a gigabit-capable connection. Businesses can claim up to £2,500 against the cost of connection either individually or as part of a group project. Residents can benefit from the scheme with a voucher worth £500 (plus VAT) as part of a group project.

Energy and Efficiency Programme

The Cheshire and Warrington Business Energy and Efficiency programme will support eligible small and medium-sized enterprises until March 2021 offering capital grants that enable investment to help make your business ‘low carbon’ and ultimately more profitable. Helping with costs towards the installation of energy efficient measures in buildings and processes which will reduce carbon emissions.

5G Create Competition

5G Create Funding Competition - £30 million open competition has been launched to develop new uses for 5G in a variety of industries. Full details to be released shortly.