Low Carbon (Net Zero)

Low Carbon (Net Zero)

Reducing cost is a key objective for many businesses.  Green investment can make commercial sense when used to improve energy efficiency and waste management.  Businesses have found that adopting energy-efficiency targets have helped to save a lot of money.

Cutting costs is only part of the story.  In an ever-growing world of scarce and finite resources, developing products and undertaking operations that use fewer of these resources will become increasingly valuable.

Going green and becoming environmentally-friendly has become more than just a trend.  It is increasingly ingrained into the DNA and culture of large business, important to employee and customer commitment.

Beyond the purely economic reasons to go green, businesses can help to cut emissions and other gases to reduce global climate change and protect natural habitats.  It is something that can make shareholders/customers happy and create opportunities for employees of and suppliers to the organisation.

Cheshire West and Chester Council is committed to supporting the development of a low-carbon, high growth economy.  

There are a range of resources available in our area to help your business grow and become more sustainable. 

Developing your business’s green credentials is becoming increasingly important due to growing public awareness of the impact of Climate Change. Clean, low-carbon growth will fuel the UK economy in coming decades, and these resources, which include advice, grants and more, will ensure you are well placed to take advantage of this opportunity. 

SME Carbon Footprint Calculator

If you decide to start measuring your carbon footprint and actively trying to reduce it, the Carbon Trust have a simple and free SME Carbon Footprint Calculator to help you get started. You should update your figures at least annually and use the data to identify areas to target your reduction initiatives. The tool does not provide a comprehensive organisational footprint, but does cover the common emission sources for SMEs.

Business Tapas

Visit the Business Tapas platform for helpful information, hints and guidance to support your business low carbon (net zero) journey.

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