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We believe in the Arts – any creative moments which excite the soul and allow the mind to wander… We work on the basis that creativity can be nurtured from the smallest of seeds. An ember within us all might not seem significant from day to day, yet at RAW-i we cherish it. We provide the space and guidance to build this ember into a glowing beacon of personal vision. Through ongoing support, challenge (direct and remote) and a professionalism which seeks to equip individuals with skills, language, knowledge and passion we develop an inspirational place that we all may flourish within. In collaboration Robin Bailey BSc Hons PGCE poet and educator with Wendy Connelly BA Hons PGCE artist and educator We provide: Art Workshops for Educational institution’s, Primary - HE. (direct and remote) Art Workshops for Business, creative and well-being (direct and remote) Art Workshops that are focused on our local landscape (direct and remote) Coaching and courses, Development of Artist practice (direct and remote) Teacher training, Primary - HE, ITT and ECT training Private commission’s Wendy Connelly, https://www.wendyconnelly.com/bio/ Private commission’s poetry Robin Bailey https://www.instagram.com/urbanherne/ Consultation/ Training in Blended Learning, Google trainer, Prezi Educator, Coach & Mentor (direct and remote)

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RAW-i Studios, 41 , Durham Road , Chester, Cheshire