Juiced is a brand that will own different industries businesses. As a company we want be diverse and offer a platform that is available to any diverse needs. As of right now we are starting off as a Barber, piercing & tattoo shop 3 businesses in 1 shop. Our plans for a shop is on 24 Northgate street just next to the nightclub called Rosie’s. As a business we sat down on 11/01/23 with Chester Town City Centre Manager Paul Fielder, And gained his 100% support and backing with this. We have a business plan and gross income numbers on yearly predicted estimates on annual income and also growth. We pitched all of this to him, he advised us as a business to come and seek a fund from Lets talk business. We as a team are extremely confident, and as a project this is something the entire Juiced team believe in whole heartedly. And as a company we solely drive ourselves on giving back and as of this we discussed with Paul our plans and in action projects such as free Haircuts for the homeless and also our most loved plan KidsBank charity which we will be members of the team donating around 24 hours a week for free haircuts to help kids with less.
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21 Chichester Street, Chester, Cheshire