Invest in Ellesmere Port

The Ellesmere Port Regeneration Team and Development Board recognise that the future and prospects for Ellesmere Port are very positive and exciting.  The board aim to attract and encourage investment in Ellesmere Port to create local employment. Improvements to the environment and general quality of life in the area will help to create a sense of pride in the town making people proud to live, work and visit Ellesmere Port.

The Ellesmere Port Development Board is an enterprise team tasked with expanding the town and improving the quality of life of its residents by:

  • Creating thousands of new jobs
  • Attract millions of pounds in outside investment
  • Build 7,000 new houses
  • Foster an ambitious and skilled workforce
  • Develop education
  • Upgrade leisure and sport facilities

More information available on the Invest in Ellesmere Port website.