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Essar Stanlow Furnace

23 June 2022

A new furnace capable of running on hydrogen has arrived at Liverpool, bound for Ellesmere Port.

The furnace, part of a multi-million-pound investment by Essar Oil UK (EOUK), is heading for Stanlow and will become the first hydrogen-powered furnace of its kind in the UK. It is a vital piece of kit to support the decarbonisation of Essar Stanlow’s operations.

The furnace, which was commissioned by EOUK earlier this year, arrived by boat on Monday, June 20, and is part of Essar’s long-standing commitment to become the UK’s first low-carbon refinery.

A UK-first, the furnace is unique in that it will run off 100 per cent hydrogen fuel source from 2026. It will run on hydrogen produced as part of the HyNet, which is the UK’s leading decarbonisation cluster. The furnace will replace three existing furnaces, helping Essar to drastically decarbonise its operations and cut its emissions.

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