Angel Investment

Angel Investment


Angel investment makes up a huge percentage of the funding entrepreneurs raise in the year in the UK in the form of investment. These angel investors (business angels) are typically wealthy individuals or previously successfully successful entrepreneurs who have exited.

In recent years as the number of angel investors and business, angels have proliferated in the UK, it has become more popular more angel investors to club together in syndicates which are usually known as angel investment networks. The networks allow angels to gain access to a steady source of potential investment deals to look as well as the chance to invest on a solo basis or alongside other angel investors.

10 Top Angel Investment Networks

The Entrepreneur Handbook website has a list of active angel networks in the UK, they represent and have a membership of some of the UK’s most respected business people and entrepreneurs. If you are looking to raise investment or even contact one of these networks about a deal it is highly recommended you do your research beforehand and prepare to pitch.

Angel Investment Network

The Angel Investment Network connects UK Entrepreneurs and Angel Investors.  They help investors and entrepreneurs build lasting and profitable relationships.

Regional Angels Programme

The Regional Angels Programme helps reduce regional imbalances in access to early stage equity finance for smaller businesses across the UK.

The programme seeks to increase the aggregate amount of early stage equity capital that is available to smaller businesses with high growth potential across the UK. It aims to raise the profile and professionalism of angel investment activity and to attract further third-party capital alongside business angels while generating a market rate of return.

Visit the British Business Investment website for more information.

Women Angels of the North - Fund Her

The Women Angels of the North are a women-led business angel investment network and syndicate offering a fresh approach to investing in female founders across the North of England.

The Women Angels of the North is powered by Fund Her North, and was established to co-invest into innovation and creativity based sectors providing vital capital for early stage female and diverse founders.

Fund Her North initiative aims to help female entrepreneurs and female-led businesses to gain investment, confidence, and support in a business landscape they often find more challenging than their male counterparts.

Learn more about how Women Angels of the North are supporting female founders to grow and scale their businesses.